Here's What People Are Saying

Michael Kooby is a great body whisperer. He connected me to mind and heart, and to a flow in my body I was not attuned to before. What MK does is not readily definable and yet what he does in body work has an embraceable and yet mysterious definition to it that speaks directly to the intelligence of your body-mind. The work is effortless at the same time that it is demanding; I very much have appreciated each call to focus. His realignment of my “placement here on the earth” has challenged me to commune with myself in a different way, and peacefully so I am now awakened to possibilities. To experience energetically the confluence of his “work” with you and in you is like being given a key to open a door—your own!—and to confidently trust the direction of your dreams and the life you’ve imagined. I now value my body-mind. I now enjoy listening to the wisdom of my body. Thanks, Michael. The encounter has been a true gift.
— D.K., Journalist
Dr. Michael Kooby is a highly outstanding practitioner and a deeply compassionate person. Every entrainment with him is an adventure in life and contributes substantially not only to the wellness of my physical, mental, and emotional body, but also to the spiritual explorations of my soul. We are all exceedingly fortunate that he has established his practice in Southern California. - R.K., Ph.D., Newport Beach, CA, formerly the Distinguished Professor of Organizations and Management at the University of Pittsburgh and author of more than 15 books including, Quantum Organizations: A New Paradigm for Achieving Organizational Success and Personal Meaning.

Since starting care with Michael Kooby I went from wanting to change my life but not having my full consciousness or innate intelligence available to me to make those changes. To my mind, heart, body and soul becoming fully conscious so that I can make long lasting changes and actually participate in my life instead of being a spectator
— N.F., Screenwriter
One thing I can tell you about working with Michael, he embodies excellence. He is 100% committed in everything that he does. He gets results. He won’t ever lie to you or gloss over the truth. He will accept nothing less that excellence from himself and he will accept nothing less than your best in working with you. He will make it fun for you to push yourself and challenge your views of yourself and the world. He will do this with striking compassion, insight and style and best of all, your life will never be the same. Welcome to life in technicolor!
— M.M., Media Artist
I saw Michael at least monthly, sometimes even weekly throughout my pregnancy and for at least the first six months post-partum. I cannot describe the immense relief he gave me, not only with morning sickness and the exhaustion of pregnancy, but especially in the weeks and first months after my beautiful daughter was born. He has the particular talent that few practitioners of any healing art (especially those that seem mysterious or esoteric) have of being direct, honest, and great educators. He can communicate exactly what is going on in my body and why, and of course how I can address the issue in a way that feels much more empowering, complete and whole in my body. I have experienced intense detoxification after seeing Michael; sometimes I sleep deeply and soundly after he checks me, and sometimes I have so much energy in my body that I need little sleep for days. I think the most telling (and certainly the most honest) critic of his work is my baby daughter. She adores Michael. When she sees him, even if it’s been a month, she’ll squeal and want to be in his arms.
When he checks her spine he is gentle and quick, touching lightly into her contact points. Often she gets angry and red in the face yelling or she gets upset and cries, but the emotion is always fast and fully experienced and she’s back to happy again in no time. Michael checked her the day that she was born and I knew what he was working because I felt the same work happening in my own body (admittedly an eerie sensation). Now that she is a year old the response is subtler but certainly no less effective. I trust him. I trust his work. I trust him with my daughter. As a mom that’s the highest mark of respect a person can receive
— C. A., Yoga Instructor
I love working with Michael. Each time I get entrained, something new and unexpected occurs that changes my internal state and the result is that I change the way that I shape my external world. I am able to take conscious action rather than expending all of my energy in reaction to stress. My life becomes more unpredictable as I accept the possibility of new opportunities, my relationships deepen, my imagination grows wilder, and I succeed in ways that I never before thought possible
— J.E., Chiropractor
I took my son to see Dr. Kooby to help with Oliver’s night terrors. After the first visit, my son was visibly more relaxed...after the second visit his night terrors stopped, and have not returned. I was so impressed with Dr. Kooby’s work that I now see him regularly, and I cannot begin to express my gratitude for how much he’s helped our family
— K.G., Realtor and Mom
I and my two children have been coming to Michael Kooby for treatments for 5 years. I have experienced many chiropractors over the last 25 years and he is by far so much more affective then any practitioner I have been to. He is trained traditionally but his work is far above traditional chiropractic care. He hardly ever adjusts you with cracking your spine, he creates movement by touching points and having you connect the energy between them. I gave up on traditional chiropractors after my second whiplash because the adjustments would only last a day and I would go back to the same tension and pain I had before. I felt a huge change after my first session with him and I knew I had found a truly gifted healer.
He is very warm and authentic; he cares about your well being. My kids always felt comfortable with him. My son has a little bit of scoliosis which Michael is helping unwind. My daughter is a rigorous dancer and needs help staying balanced as well as correcting some patterns she developed. I am a pilates instructor and feel very in tune with my body. I am so grateful to have found Michael, because he not only helps me to change and heal my spine, he also helps me to become aware of my body on deeper levels. I go not only to correct posture but just to have a shift of energy, as it has that feel good sensation a great massage gives you. To explain his work is difficult because it works on so many levels of connection of the mind and body. I recommend you have a session to feel it yourselves. I recommend him to all my clients and friends.
— K.C., Pilates Instructor
I had been in Network Care seeing Michael Kooby for about a year when I chose drugs over myself and stopped Network Care. I had been doing drugs and receiving care for about a year before I thought I had to stop Network until I was ready to stop the drugs. After an absence from Network Care of about 6 months, I decided that I wanted to stop drugs, and get myself back. When I asked Michael if he could help me with this, he was positive he could, and said he could make the detox easier. He explained that he would replace my need/desire for the drugs with a desire/need for NSA (which is MUCH better than an addiction to a drug!).
I was very hopeful as my drug of choice had been Crystal Meth, and I was having a difficult time of dealing with the repercussions of it with my health and my life. I faithfully went to see Michael twice a week, and with his expertise I was able to stay off the drugs, and felt no detox side effects. My brain came back to me, my life came back to me, and I was whole once again. It definitely took commitment on my part, along with homework Michael gave me, as well as the support I found within his friendship, and his office, but the transformation didn’t take long at all.
I have now been off drugs for 2 years, and I can honestly say that this has been the easiest sober period I have ever encountered. At the beginning there were a few slight cravings but nothing that couldn’t be handled with a deep breath or a quick trip to see Michael. Now I can say, I haven’t had a craving in over a year.
— G.C., Acupuncturist
I’ve been a part of the Wellness Center for only twelve or so weeks, having been reluctantly dragged in to the office by my partner, Sheila. [When I entered the office] I was at the lowest of my lows. So engrossed in a victim mentality, I stopped communicating with the outside world a long time ago and laid blame for everything that was wrong with my life on it. I felt I had no choices.
By the time I entered into care, my body seemed to be in a constant fight\flight mode, my mind was mush, and my spirit broken. Needless to say, I was absorbed in my suffering and hurling speedily towards my own demise. As I’m writing this, I’m sensing just how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time! I’m consistently gaining access to a higher wisdom found within. With confidence, I say network care helps to “unblock” the channels to this higher wisdom.
At this point in my care, the changes inside has begun to transcend to the outside. I’m finding my voice again. I see choices where I once felt trapped and my breath is deep again. Rather than simmering in my own suffering, I’m learning to travel through it. There’s an immense amount of information in the pain and when we’re no longer afraid, it can be quite a teacher. For the first time in years I feel like participating in the dance of creation again. Being re-connected to the world is an indication of a truly authentic treatment in my opinion. Thank you Michael, … and especially thank you to Sheila for not giving up on me when I already had.
— M. J., Minister and Student of Theology
Talk about natural pain relief— I was having the worst stiff neck few days ago, it was one of the worst experience. After three visits, not just the pain went away right at the table, I also grew during the process. After the first visit, I was given a homework assignment and it was such a “self healing” process in between visits that I really learned about my hidden emotional blockage.
Besides emergency care, I also go in to be “checked” to maintain my emotional well being. I have been on my search of spiritual enlightenment to ensure my living out my life purpose for a while now, I still am not quite sure what it really is, but I am very certain that I am on the right track. I am having a lot more joy in breathing, working and living. I am very grateful to have Michael in my life.
— C.Y., R.E. Broker
Michael’s work keeps the kids healthy. They don’t get sick as often and they recover really quickly. Their immune systems seem to be stronger and they are more calm after the session
— N.M., mom
After starting with Michael, my son’s behavior began improving. His tantrums were less severe and less frequent. He’s able to do his schoolwork and he looks and acts much happier
— L.T., mom
Since my daughter has been working with Michael, her posture her posture and alignment is better. Her head is back over her shoulders and she’s not hunched over. It’s totally non-invasive, she says it makes her feel good and she’s more mellow
— A.F., mom
It makes me feel like I’m flying and it tickles and makes me happy.
— Michelle, age 9
Since I started coming to Michael, I feel better. I don’t get into as many fights. I can do my schoolwork better and I feel calmer
— Robert, age 12