Integrated Bio-Energetics

Stress on our lives is at an all time high, and rising.  Our bodies are under a constant barrage of physical, emotional, and mental stresses that keep us in a constant state of fight-or-flight (or sympathetic dominance).  Living in constant fight-or-flight (sympathetic) wears the body down prematurely and predisposes us to illness and activates genetic factors for disease.


Through I Be, we work together to mitigate circumstances and create healthy habits and strategies for living to enhance your body’s ability to function in a rest-and-heal (parasympathetic) state.


I BE is unique in three ways:

I Be integrates structural and functional parameters (ie physical distortions and body tissues such as muscles and nerves) and facilitates an understanding of the relationship between these parameters;
I Be facilitates an understanding of and clinical focus on the connection between the body and primitive brain, primitive brain and limbic brain, and limbic brain and neo-cortex. In other words it bridges the unconscious and conscious brain;
I Be incorporates different modes of healing, exercise, and breath work to promote self-care and greater client participation and self-realization. 


Structure:  Addressing the balance of between mobility and stability means a high functioning physical body.

Nutrition:  What we feed our bodies, both nutritionally and supplementally has a significant impact on our health.  Supplements can be potentially helpful or potentially damaging to our bodies, depending on their appropriateness and the quality of the product.  The correct product can make all the difference in optimizing results.

Toxicology:  There are more than 85,000 environmental chemicals that the US government has failed to regulate adequately for human health.  Most have shown evidence to cause cellular damage to the human body.  Clearing these chemicals from our bodies allows for greater mental and emotional clarity and improved overall wellbeing.

Somato-Emotional:  Bringing people into present time, rather than living in past patterns, enables them to be more responsive instead of reactive.

Mental: If you’re using the mental body effectively, you are focused.  If you are not, then you are just beating yourself and others up.

Energy: All life is energy.  Once the physical, emotional, and mental issues are addressed, we can freely access our deepest potential. Our ability to consciously move our body’s energy is the ability to create our lives.  


Dr. Kooby discusses why we want to keep as much energy in our bodies as possible and what we tend to do when we run out.