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The sum of the whole is greater than its individual parts.

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About Dr. Michael Kooby

Growing up in a chiropractic household, Michael Kooby's entire life has revolved around alternative health care. He graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1992 and began a successful chiropractic practice in Atlanta, Georgia.

After being in practice for 4 years, Michael began feeling frustrated as he saw that the patterns that people's spines exhibited had more to do with emotional and mental stresses and lifestyle choices than with bio-mechanical, structural issues. Even with extensive background in multiple chiropractic techniques, he became increasingly more interested in a whole body, mind, spirit approach to health and wellness.

This frustration led him to study and become a part III certified practitoner of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) for 10 years. WIthin NSA, Michael became one of the most sought out teachers and doctors and worked on the NSA teaching staff while maintaining successful practices in both NYC and San Francisco, CA.

Restless again to grow and learn more, Michael began to study and learn other healing modalities and energy models. In 2006, his studies took him to India and beyond, with his vision of developing a method that would truly set one free to explore their own unique path to healing. That method would become Integrated Bio-Energetics (I Be).

Michael approaches each person with a unique and integrative assessment. Seeing the body as a complex pattern, Michael has clear vision of care for each person who walks through his door.

Now in Los Angeles, Michael offers people the unique experience of Integrated Bio-energetics.